Do not miss an opportunity to taste and enjoy an excellent and top quality coffee and VISIT our ARTCIMENA CAFÉ!

What can you expect? Delicious coffee (espresso, latte macchiato, all kinds of real organic tea from Beskydy herbs ...)  And what´s more? Home-made Apple Strudel baked with organic apples from URSUS garden, home-made desserts...

Do you know which two drinks are the most widespread on Earth?



There are many legends spread about coffee. But the truth is that if this black drink is  prepared properly, it has healing effects. An adequate amount of quality coffee (two to three cups a day) reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease or diabetes, alleviates muscle pain and contains even more antioxidants than green tea.










The question remains  how to prepare a good quality coffee?

Although the preparation can seem to be easy, in a fac, it is a great art, which baristas around the world are dedicated to it. First of all, it is necessary to have a really good quality coffeemaker and coffee, of course. The correct preparation process requires several important parameters:

1) Coffee needs to be finely ground. If it is too rough, the drink is sparse and watery.

2) Coffee needs be poured with water at 90 ° C, not boiling water. The optimal amount of water is 30 ml.

3) Coffee must not be extruded for too long, maximum 20 - 30 seconds. This will prevent harmful substances getting into it.

With a properly prepared espresso, a  layer of thick  caramel-coloured foam is created on the surface, called crema.

You can really enjoy delicious coffee in our ARTCINEMA CAFÉ located directly above the 3D cinema. Together with delicious coffee you can also enjoy some of our engaging natural science films. You can also visit the café to have a rest and to relax for a while.

At ARTCINEMA CAFÉ we serve one of the top quality coffee brand PAVIN. PAVIN raw coffee is imported from world-wide plantations and is almost immediately taken to cafés to preserve its freshness and aroma.


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