The URSUS CENTRE offers its visitors a big adventure garden called Green Paradise that is full of unusual interactive elements. Visitors can thus learn in a playful way a lot of useful information and get familiar with the secrets and beauties of the Beskydy Mountains.  


Take the Green Paradise Trail

The Green Paradise Trail presents inexhaustible quantity of activities. Besides the Big Trail of a Brisk Squirrel and the tactile path, you certainly should not miss the Alternative Energy Sources Trail, where you can see how these individual types of energy work in practice. The trail offers for example a water mill, solar panel, wind mill and mechanical wheel.


Big part of the garden provides information on bird species typical for the Beskydy Mountains, therefore it includes also a merely six meters high bird tower with silhouettes of birds, which you certainly can not overlook. Also a wicker hut with birds’ nests,, a set of elements for balance exercises “rovnoVÁŽKA” or Geo-Bio is worth visiting.


DWhen did the Beskydy Mountains originate? Which bird can run on water surface? What is the name of a plant that alchemists used in the Medieval Age for their trials to make the legendary philosophers’ stone? Answers to these and many other questions can be found on tables placed all over the garden. Besides much information, the visitor can test his/her knowledge in several quizzes.


The garden also includes outdoor classroom for adventure programs, activities and cultural events, the stage and open fireplace.  All garden elements and sets are made of natural materials.


Every citizen needs to relax from time to time and draw strength from nature. The garden offers relaxation spots where both children and adults can sit for a while and “take a breath”.


The Green Paradise adventure garden offers something for everybody. So do not hesitate and head for a place full of adventure and experience!