Project name:  Conservation of Selected Natura Insect Species in Transboundary Area (CZ-SK) of Western Carpathian Mountains

Acronym: Life for insects (Ze života hmyzu)

Program: LIFE Nature and Biodiversity

Project no:  LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000731


Project Coordinator: Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA CR) 

                                    Agentura pro ochranu přírody a krajiny České republiky (AOPK ČR)

Project Beneficiaries:  infinity-progress z.s, VIS Bílé Karpaty,  ZO ČSOP Bílé Karpaty, ČSOP Salamandr, BROZ (SK)

Project Summary:

The project objective is conservation of selected NATURA 2000 insect species and enhancing their populations through their habitats restoration in transboundary area (CZ-SK) of Western Carpathians and interconnection of species metapopulation in this area.

Target species: Lucanus Cervus, Parnassius Mnemosyne, Maculinea Arion, Maculinea Nausithous, Maculinea Teleius, Colias Myrmidone and Euplagia Quadripunctaria.

Their habitats are: wet grasslands, pastures, coppiced and open-canopy forests.

Specific Aims:

  • Cooperation with other beneficiaries, organizations and experts active in the field of  nature  protection
  • Enlightenment, cooperation with the land-owners, stakeholders and public

 Aims for NGO infinity-progress.:

  1. Czech-Slovak festival „Life for Insects“ (2018-2021)
  2. Production of Intellectual Outputs:
  1. Training programs : the aim is to get acquainted the target groups with the particular species  of Arions, the significance of butterflies biotopes´ protection, their significance for ecosystems. Verification programme will be prepared for 750 children (Kindergartens, Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools)
  2. Terrain trips and Research in the area of Lomná and its surroundings: the participatns will get acquainted with the butterfly biotopes, particular species of insects in the mapped out localities.
  3. Production of didactics tools

Production of interactive tools for the exposition